Travel is something that I started doing in the spring of 2013, right before my daughter was born, with a trip to Dublin. Since then, it has become an essential component of my life. There are folks with far more extensive lists of locations that they have been to than I, but having an exhaustive rap sheet of places I’ve been to or seen has never been much of a goal. For me, traveling is about experiencing how others live to gain some perspective on the minutiae of my own life. It is a costly hobby, but it’s hard to quantify the profound personal growth I experience on each trip I take. So, I keep doing it.

Typical Inventory

The foundation of my travel inventory is my Minaal Carry-On 2.0 bag. I can’t imagine how to make this bag better for me, at least the way that I like to travel. The system that they came up with for storing clothes works really well for my mode of travel: three shirts, two pants, one accessory, and four days of socks and underwear.

One of the reasons my main computer is an Apple MacBook Air is because of how well suited it for travel. While being a slave to Apple’s whims and ecosystem is a serious cause of anxiety in my life, I still can’t seem to find a laptop that checks as many boxes for a travel laptop (while still being reasonably fast) as the Air.