Sligo, Ireland

Sligo is a city—​and county—​in Northwestern Ireland. It has a train station that connects to Dublin, and a compact yet vibrant city-center, which makes it ideal for an American escape. It’s located on the Garvoge River, which spills out to Sligo Bay just up river, giving the city lots of waterfront area for strolls.


Rover Coffee Lab is a small, take-away coffee shop with an extremely efficient menu. The cappuccino that I had there was excellent. Blend offered a better environment to sit down and rest, while sipping and eating breakfast.


The Tesco off O’Connell Street is the obvious place for one-stop grocery shopping. There’s also a small shop, fittingly, on Market Street called Cosgrove and Son that’ll have most of what you’d need. I got some nice, Irish bread from the O’Hehirs on Grattan Street.


My favorite walk to take was the main loop around town. It follows the main shopping area, O’Connell Street, crosses the river at Lower Knox Street, circles the North side of town on Stephen Street, and then crosses back over the river on Bridge Street. It only takes about twenty minutes or so to do, and there are plenty of cafés and bookshops to pop into along the way.


I took loads of photos at the Sligo Abbey, which has an enjoyable self-guided tour in which you get free rein of the place. The cloisters are a particularly delightful spot to stroll around and let your imagination run wild. There’s a stairway you can climb and, at the top, has a perch that’s great for a taking a photo of the Abbey.

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