Our little house in Missouri has been sorely in need of a paint job since the day we bought it.

We moved into our little house in the Rountree neighborhood of Springfield, Missouri in October 2010.

Our family loves our home. Of course, its not four walls and roof to us but our love of this house goes beyond even the memories that I’ve been made while living here. Living in house like this, we get the sense that we’re merely stewards of the place. Sure we’ve made it our own—as best as we can and in our own way—but traces of the previous inhabitants of the house are always lingering in forgotten corners.

For being nearly 100 years old, our house has had, comparatively, very little done to it. Both cosmetically and to its infrastructure. Since we have moved in, we have had to have the electrical rewired, the plumbing redone, the sewer line relined, and furnace & air conditioner replaced. We I look back at this list I don’t feel quite as bad that we’ve been slow to do “simpler” things like repaint the house.