Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the multicultural capital city of Ireland, and one of my favorites. To me, it somehow feels both small and large at the same time.


I can’t resist taking a walk around Stephen’s Green anytime I’m in the city. There’s a fantastic whiskey shop a block or so from the park on Dawson Street that I used to like to pick bottles up to bring back home. I love the house for the groundskeeper that in the Southwest corner of the park.


I usually tell people to avoid the Guinness Storehouse, as it ends up just being a big advertisement for the brand. The pub on top has a nice view, though.


I like staying away from the noise, and I found that the Phoenix Park Hotel was great for my needs in the past. It’s across the river from Heuston train station, which means the there’s a tram stop right outside that makes it easy to get to the rest of the city. The people that work at the nearby courthouse seem to gather at the pub Nancy Hands down the street, which made for a pleasant place to linger for a bit.

Places to Eat

Fusco’s Café in the Liberties is my favorite sort of place. Intensely local, unpretentious, and damn good. I don’t understand why we can’t get close to this good of fish and chips back home, but we don’t. It’s worth fasting for the day before, so you can fully enjoy basking the grease bomb.