Although, I’ve maintained a presence at this domain since 2001, its current incarnation has only been online since 2022. Powering this version of my website is a bespoke server application, named Ann, which runs on a machine that lives in a cold datacenter in Finland. Ann is a BEAM application, written in Elixir, and powering this website is only part of its job.

Third-Party Software

I use the wonderful Nova code editor, along with the terminal-based Neovim, to write the code that powers this website. PostgreSQL handles most of the raw data for the website, except for large binary files (things like photos, audio, and video) which are saved directly on disk, backed up to a cloud provider, and then served to you my employer, Cloudflare’s, CDN. The code itself is managed using git and is automatically built and deployed with a GitHub Action.

While Apple’s Photos application helps me keep my photos organized and synced across devices, Darkroom and Skylum Luminar help me edit and retouch them. I handle video edits with Final Cut Pro and Logic helps me with any audio processing that may need to happen.


All four typefaces used on my website are from Connary Fagen. The work mark—​that is, my name—​is set in Argent. Most body text uses Addington, while most supporting text—​things like headings—​is set in Greycliff, and in the monospaced font, Ellograph, is used for displaying most source code and general data points.

There are so many wonderful, high-quality typefaces these days. It can get overwhelming. Being a typography novice, I’ve found it immensely helpful to narrow down the scope of available fonts by focusing on using typefaces from one designer.


I do my best to respect the privacy of all visitors to my website, foregoing the common practice of collecting as much data as possible.


I try to be mindful of the impact my software and website have on the planet.

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