Jeremy Boles


My website is built using Frecnairc, which, in its current form, is an 11ty based static site generator, written in in Javascript. The compiled website files are uploaded to an inexpensive, single-tenant, bare-metal web server managed by OVH in Gravelines, France.

Design & Typography

All colors used in the design of the website are from Foscad, my personal color scheme that I use across my projects.

All of the typefaces that I use were designed by Connary Fagen. Argent is what I use for the wordmark—in other words, my name—in the header and footer of the website. Most copy and text is set in Addington and headngs and some metadata is set in Greycliff. Source code and some metadata is set in Cartograph and, finally, some stylistic text is set in Mielle.