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The website of Jeremy Boles: a digital hermit’s garden on the web.

Central Standard

Central Standard was a studio and consultancy that ran from May 2011 until December 2022.

Notable Projects

  • Mockingbird: a wireframing tool that ran in your browser
  • Bloom: an iOS app that helped make consistently great coffee
  • Scribe: an iOS app that helped you come up with fantasy character names quickly.
  • Oggl: a social media network for the Hipstamatic community
  • Exposure: I helped my pals Luke Beard and Kyle Bragger build a community for photographers sharing their photo stories
  • Rewind: iOS and Android apps to help people remind old photos from their Instagram feeds
  • MadeSquare: an iOS app that let you make prints and other products with your photos
  • Coachella Snapchat Mini: mini app for the canceled 2020 Coachella music festival that ran inside Snapchat


Aside from working out of my basement and from the camper, Central Standard had two different offices in Downtown Springfield at different stages of its existence. Its first office was shared with Jess Heugel on the corner of Walnut Street and Campbell Avenue from mid-2012 until late-2013. The second office was off of Springfield’s square in the Holland Building from January 2020 until December 2022.

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