Central Standard

Central Standard is a tiny software studio and consultancy that I’ve been running since 2012. It’s currently on a bit of a hiatus, as my corporate job at Cloudflare takes up all of the working hours of a day.

Previous Projects

The most successful app that Central Standard produce was Bloom, a coffee-focused timer for iOS that was released in 2011. It helped you make coffee and brewing method specific timers so you could really dial your brewing technique for reproducible results. I got a kick out of hearing the distinct timer ring behind the counter while visiting various coffee shops on my travels.

A smaller, more niche, and much less downloaded app that was released on iOS in 2016 was called Scribe. It was a silly little app that let your generate random names for fantasy characters on the fly.

Previous Clients

Central Standard worked really closely with a couple of small companies to help build important parts of their products. Two photography-related projects that I was extremely involved with was Exposure and Hipstamatic.