Bloom was a simple timer app and recipe database for iOS that was released in October 2011. At its core was a timer that let you break the duration into steps. This is helpful when making coffee manually, as you do things like bloom the coffee to release the carbon dioxide inside. Having a timer is also helpful to keep an eye on extraction rates. Bloom stored data—​things like water to coffee ratios—​next to these steps.

At its peak in 2012 and 2013 I would often hear the distinct chime from the timer behind the bar at coffee shops during my travels. It was download 20,000+ times and, at one point, paid for the rent when I had an office in downtown Springfield.

I’ve often thought of resurrecting the app, but I’m not as fussy about coffee as I used to be and I don’t really enjoy developing for Apple platforms as much as I used to.

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