A New Design & A New Focus

No, you’re not crazy. I’ve redesigned my website and I am going to be writing about much different subjects than I have in the past.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve redesigned this website over the years. It’s not surprising, given that web design is a big part of what I do to make a living as a software engineer, but I bet if I were actually to go back and count the redesigns that it would seem excessive. In the past, I’ve mostly redesigned for aesthetic reasons; to keep up with design trends or simply just to because I was bored with the way things looked. This time it’s a bit different. This time I’ve redesigned because the focus of my website has changed.

A photo of my new website on the screen in my offer
That my new website up there on the screen inside of my camper-office.

Previous incarnations of my website have mostly included excerpts from what I’ve learned from writing software and little tidbits showcasing what I’ve built over the years. In fact, I started my career off of this website by writing about web development back in 2005. In those days the things that I was passionate about where: computers, technology, and programming. I spent a lot of my free time thinking about this stuff and also a lot of time reading about it.

While I still love to program and consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to make a living doing something that I enjoy so much, it’s no longer my passion. It’s no longer the thing I regularly talk about with friends or the thing I find myself thinking about when I’m awake in the middle of night. These days, my idle thoughts are almost always on travel.

I Thought I Had Missed My Chance

Not too long after my wife and I had gotten married, we went through a series of unfortunate events (compounded by some stupid financial decisions that I made) that caused us to have to cancel a trip that we had planned to Italy. I remember after going through that episode of our life feeling very trapped and thinking that I would never be able to see the rest of the world.

As friends would tell stories from their college backpacking trips, I would get sadder and sadder as I convinced myself that I had missed my chance to travel. I should have done it when I was younger before I was a responsible adult, I’d tell myself. Then we found out that my wife as pregnant and the feeling that I missed my chance sank in further.

We’d had gotten our financial situation under control by that point, and I had even started working for myself. One day I noticed an interesting conference that was taking place in Dublin and, almost without thinking, I booked a flight to Ireland. I told myself that I was going to get one international trip out of my system before my daughter was born, so it didn’t constantly feel like I had missed out on something for the rest of my life.

A photo of my in Dublin, Ireland in 2012
A picture of an exhausted me that I took while in Dublin, Ireland back in 2012. This was the first time I left the United States and my first solo trip.

So I went. And it opened my eyes.

Traveling by myself, I had a lot of time to think and be introspective. I realized how much fun it is to simply walk around someplace new and foreign. Also, I learned that things didn’t have to cost as much money as I thought it did. I found out that if I went in with the right mindset, an inexpensive bowl of soup from a pub could be enjoyed as much as eating something at a hip restaurant. Travelling isn’t always easy, but I learned that the experiences that I was having were much more valuable than so many of the things that I had bought in the past.

My perspective changed after that trip. Soon after my daughter was born we all took a trip to Italy which further proved to me that I didn’t have miss out on travel, I just had to make it a priority. That trip to Italy was the first of many (which I’m sure I’ll write about shortly) because we started prioritizing travel and planning much of our life around seeing the world.

The New Focus of This Blog

So, back to the website. I’m going to start writing about my passion again: travel. I know there are a lot of people out there that feel like I did and thought that travel is something that you do when you’re young or retired. Or that maybe they believe that it’s only for the wealthy.

I want to start sharing my experience about how we’ve been able to make travel work for us. I want to share our ideas about how we adjust other parts of life and focus on things that important to us—traveling being just one of these things. I want to show people how that if they make it a priority, travel is well within their reach.

My goal is to write every day, at least until the end of the year. Come along with me! Leave your email below to get notified once a week on the new things that I’ve posted. I’ll see you at the next post!

So…where did the old website go?

All of my old posts have be archived to a separate subdomain, here: v1.jeremyboles.com.