Portrait of Jeremy at the Dublin Castle

Hi there! I’m Jeremy Boles, a semi-frequent traveler and software engineer from the United States and, yes, this is my website. I’m a long-time internet citizen, and you can find traces of me online going back to 1997. I’m on most of the usual lot of social network sites, usually under the handle jeremyboles. There are a few networks, however, where I’m known as germybowls. This is the result of a post-Snowden grumpy spell where I attempted to go full-Ron-Swanson and, as such, deleted many of my accounts.

My family and I started traveling regularly five years ago, and we have no plans to stop. In 2012, I made it a personal goal to leave the US at least once a year. So far I have been able to keep up with it. This is because we structure our lives and our finances around things that are important us, traveling being one of the main things on that list.

Travel Life

I started seriously traveling by going by myself to Dublin in 2012. I’d not been out of the country before (okay, only to Canada) and I’m not sure where I got the courage to do it by myself. But I’m glad I did.

The following year we took our then 7-month old daughter to Italy for a month. We stayed in the quiet, walled, North-Tuscan of Lucca almost the entire time and pretended to be locals (not very well, though; we barely spoke any Italian). We also visited Rome for a week before heading back.

I enjoyed Ireland so much I wanted to show my wife, so later in 2013 we left the baby with the grandparents and roamed around the country as a couple. Looking back, I think we spent half of our time in pubs talking to locals, and they rest of the time looking at ruins (not complaining a bit).

In 2014, I got the crazy idea to visit my friend Dan in Tanzania by myself. In a failed attempted to save on travel costs, I wound up in Paris and Amsterdam on the way there and York, England on the way back. The whole story is great—which I’ll elaborate more on the future—involving train strikes, unplanned boat rides, prostitutes, and wandering around a lion’s hunting ground looking for cell phone signals.

We took another family trip in 2015, the four of us this time (although our sun was still in the womb), back to Ireland. Our daughter was at a fabulous age for such a trip. We listened to a radio dramatization of the The Hobbit while we drove around the green countryside looking for castles and colored Hello Kitty pages while sitting in pubs.

In 2016 I got the itch to see Italy again and spent ten days by myself in Bologna.

No, this isn’t as long of a rap sheet as most travel bloggers, but I’m proud of the fact we’ve been able to do much of this as a family. We live our life in a way that we try to maximize what is important to us, namely: being together and eating good food, with the occasional trip thrown in. We like being on the move, but we also love being at home.

Home + Work Life

I live in an old house in the small, Southwestern-Missouri city of Springfield with my wife Danielle and two children: Claire and Liam. We’re a tight-knit group at home with my wife working full time wrangling kids will I pretend to work out of a camper in my backyard.

I’ve been a software engineer and web developer for almost 20 years (over half of my life—bananas!), getting my start by creating websites for punk rock and ska bands in the late 90’s. Eventually, I started making more sophisticated software, and I’ve been luckily enough to work with absolutely fantastic people—Exposure, Hipstamatic, and Spinlist, to name a few of them. In fact, I’ve probably had a hand in making some of the apps or services that you’ve used.

Follow Along!

If you’d like to keep up with my travels, you can find me on the usual suspects of social media, namely: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally Google+. I’ve been trying to post more on Youtube lately, and I’ve ever started recording some of my travel stories on Soundcloud.