About Jeremy

Jeremy Boles resides in the Southwest Missouri city of Springfield and has been living there for far longer than what is considered healthy by most. He’s been working with computers since before they could easily talk to each other to plot his demise. His current employer is Cloudflare, but in a past life, he ran a small software studio and consultancy called Central Standard out of an old, beat-up camper in his backyard. Perhaps, one day, the studio will rise again from the ashes of despair in which it lay.

He draws energy from being on the move and seeing new places, two things he finds increasingly difficult to do these days. If given a choice, he’d often rather be in the middle seat on a cramped six-hour flight across an ocean than sitting in a costly ergonomic chair, staring at the screen of a $2,500 computer. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, he had a personal goal of leaving his home country of the United States once a year. He maintained a cadence of doing just that until the world fell apart.

Prone to tinker and start new hobbies, Jeremy often suffers from intense bouts of executive dysfunction and focus mismanagement. Periodically, people can exploit his spells of hyper-focus and even sometimes, when it benefits them, pay Jeremy vast sums of cash to utilize this state-of-mind. However, these folks typically can’t understand why he’s incapable of enabling (or disabling) this feature of his brain on a whim. He can empathize with his overseers about this, like someone with Stockholm syndrome.

Many a wordsmith will bemoan that writing their biographies in the third person is challenging and dislike the inevitability of it feeling necessary. Jeremy would like the reader to know that he dislikes it too.