Jeremy Boles

Jeremy Boles

Hi there! I’m guessing that, since you’re here, that you’d like to know a bit about me. I’m an accessibility-focused software engineer who works hard to build software that includes and respects everyone. I’m the principal of a consultancy called Central Standard, where I work with software creators to make their software work for as many people as possible.

In the past, I helped build Hipstamatic, focusing on back-end infrastructure, including the build-out of their social network called Oggl and their digital printing service called PrintLab.

I’ve been involved with Exposure’s development and growth since shortly after its launch. I continue to advise and contribute to this day.

I co-founded a music start-up called Spinlist, where we built a platform that allowed users to listen to their friends’ playlists across all music services. On top of our platform, we created an app call SongShare that let you text any song to a friend.

I also helped Area 1 Security redesign their customer data dashboard, bringing order and visibility to the vast amounts of email data that they collect. I continue to advise and work on their customer portal.


Central Standard’s office is in downtown Springfield, MO, but I often work throughout the world. I love to travel and often to spend weeks or months working from locations around the world.


If you have a business inquiry or are just someone that wants to say hello, email me at