Hi! I’m Jeremy Boles, a Southwest Missouri based software engineer. I run a tiny software shop called Central Standard out of a vintage camper in my backyard. Also, I am a semi-frequent traveler, an avid home cook, as well as a husband and father of two. You can see what I am up to on Instagram and read my occasional musings on Twitter.

I’m a long time internet citzen, creating my first website in 1999, and have been making software professionally since 2003. As a consultant, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great companies like Exposure, Hipstamatic, and Spinlist—to name a few.

Asided from client work, I have a few apps of my own. The once beloved Bloom was released back in 2011. It helps you brew better coffee at home by combining customizable timers along with with recipes for all sorts of brewing apparatus. It is in sore need of an update which I hope to release soon. I also made Scribe, which is a fun little app that lets you create names for fantasy characters (think D&D) quickly. I just collaborated with my good pal, Luke Beard, on an app to help your rediscover your old Instagram photos called Rewind. This one is on both iOS and Android.

I try as hard a possible to be technology-agnostic and tend to use the tool that will make me the most productive for a given task. I’m a long-time Ruby and Rails user (my first production Rails app was on pre-1.0) but recently a lot of my projects have been built in Javascript and Elixir. I’ve shipped mobile apps written in Objective-C, Swift, and lately even using React Native.

I’d love to chat with you! Email me at me@jeremyboles.com and we can talk about a project you’d like to work on together or just shoot the breeze.

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